Leprechaun in the Hood (2000)

Directed by Rob Spera. Written by Spera, WIlliam Wells, Alan Reynolds, Doug Hall and Jon Huffman. Starring Ice-T, Warwick Davis, Anthony Montgomery, Rashaan Nall, Red Grant, Dan Martin, Bebe Drake, Lobo Sebastian and Coolio.

Plot: the evil leprechaun searches for his magic flute that three hoodlums stole.

Should this movie have happened? No. But since it did, let me tell you about it. Ice-T and some friends find some gold in the hood. They take it and turn Ice-T into a famous record producer. Of course, Ice has some problems and when three young people come to him hoping to make it big, he refuses to sign him, so they decide to rob him of a magic golden flute. It awakens the leprechaun, too, and he goes on a killing rampage in attempts to get it back.

This one makes no sense. I mean, less sense than other ones. A guy makes a Tiger Woods joke, but he doesn’t know what weed is? C’mon! Totally unrealistic. It was just such a bad movie. I don’t know why Ice-T made this. It had the worst script of all the leprechaun movies and it took five people to write it. Geez. We did like the chubby guy though.

Our score: another 5/100.

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