The Hazing (AKA Dead Scared) (2004)

Written and directed by Rolfe Kanefsky. Starring Brad Dourif, Tiffany Shepis, Parry Shen, Nectar Rose, Jeremy Maxwell, David Tom and Brooke Burke.

Plot: college students are terrorized by a madman in a haunted house.

So, there’s this evil book that causes people to do evil things. And Professor Kapps (Dourif) is killing people because of it. Meanwhile, five fraternity and sorority pledges are having a scavenger hunt and a couple of them go to the professor’s house to steal the book. A fight for the book ensues and they seriously wound the professor. Thinking they’ve killed him, they run, but he ain’t dead my friend. He’s just in a coma. And his spirit is pissed. It follows them to the haunted house they have to stay in for the night to complete their initiation. From there, he possesses and terrorizes them.

If this sounds like you’re type of movie, then you should actually give it a shot. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s good enough. Bad things: Dourif’s horrible accent. We’re not sure why he had to use that one cause you can’t place where he’s supposed to be from. Also, it’s not scary. Also, you have to let go of the rules because they don’t make sense. But good news: the cast is very cool as are Shepis and Shen’s characters. There’s lots of boobs, including pairs from both leads. Also, it’s funny. And that’s good times.

My score: 47. DJ’s score: 51.

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