Piranha II: The Spawning (1981)

Directed by James Cameron. Written by Charles H. Eglee. Starring Lance Henriksen, Tricia O’Neil, Steve Marachuk, Ted Richert, Leslie Graves and Ricky G. Paull.

Plot: another experiment has mutated the piranhas and now they can fly.

In his directorial debut, James Cameron does just so-so in a movie that can only be described as so-bad-it’s-good. The piranha in this movie can fly. Yes, you read that right, fly. One actually hides in a dead body outside of the water so long that it kills a morgue attendant and then flies right out the window. Ha!

There’s some incestual type things happening here as well – a mother and son relationship that seems just a little too close for comfort. The fish sound like swarms of bees and sometimes of bats. The editing is not great and neither is the sound. It almost seems badly dubbed in some areas.

The story is also ludicrous. We follow Anne (O’Neil), who’s still married to Steve (Henriksen), and they have a son (Paull). But Anne – during the movie – has sex with Tyler (Marachuk) and Steve is rightly pissed. I hope this isn’t surprising when I tell you that the humans win the war and kill all the mutated fish. In the process, however, Tyler is killed, and Anne literally, resurfaces on a brand new day with her husband and son in waiting. Like, now everything is okay because her sex partner is deceased? That’s just awesome.

It’s one of those movies that you have to see to believe. It certainly isn’t the best of the piranha series, but it is fun. And funny. If only unintentionally.

My score: 50. DJ’s score: 59.

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