Grandmother’s House (1988) (AKA Grandma’s House)

Directed by Peter Rader. Written by Peter C. Jensen and Gayle Jensen. Starring Eric Foster, Kim Valentine, Len Lesser, Ida Lee and Brinke Stevens.

Plot: an orphaned brother and sister move in with their grandparents and begin to suspect them of murder.

With their mother already deceased, 2 siblings, David (Foster) and Lynn (Valentine) lose their father and must move in with their maternal grandparents. The first night there, David has a horrific nightmare that he sees his grandparents kill a woman. Meanwhile, David keeps seeing a strange homeless woman (Stevens) on the side of the road.

Later, a man’s body turns up in the lake. And a weirdo named Kenny basically assaults Lynn at the pool, but then she talks to her friend about what a good kisser he is so I guess it’s all okay. Then, it gets really weird.

******SPOILER ALERT******



Later, David sees his grandfather beat the homeless woman and put her body in a fridge. This time it’s real. Meanwhile, Lynn goes out with Kenny, but they break down, so she goes back to the house early and finds David with the homeless woman, who it turns out isn’t dead. She’s just handcuffed to a car. Hysterically enough, she attacks David once she gets loose, but they aren’t aware that she’s there mother. Who was never dead. She’d just been in an institution for years and years and is now a lot crazy.

Cat and mouse ensues. She chases them through the orange grove then back to the house, where they accidentally shoot Kenny believing it’s her. You know, one of those shoot through the door and ask questions later things. The cops eventually come and take David to the hospital, but I guess his mother gets away because in the end, he sneaks out of the hospital to go home all alone. There, he sees his grandfather killing his mother and proclaiming that no one will find out that David is actually his son. Yes. David’s grandfather is his father as well. So, David picks up an axe and hacks him to death with it. The End.

To me, it was almost so bad it was good, but DJ nearly hated it. It is laughable. Quite hysterical. But there was no gore. Everything was done off camera mostly. It was unrealistic and there were no rules. Also, did the grandmother know that her husband was raping their daughter and drove her insane? Was she in on killings? And was Lynn also the grandfather’s daughter? None of these things were explained. I say give it a go though. DJ does not.

My score: 37. DJ’s score: 23.

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