Our House (2018)

Directed by Anthony Scott burns. Written by Nathan Parker (based on Ghost from the Machine film by Matt Osterman). Starring Thomas Mann, Percy Hynes White, Kate Moyer and Nicola Peltz.

Plot: a young man creates a machine that ends up communicating with ghosts, but they aren’t all friendly.

Another IFC Midnight movie we gave a chance to. Not sure why we keep doing this to ourselves, but we do. In this movie, a young man named Ethan (Mann) comes home from college to visit his parents and younger siblings, but he disappoints everyone when he refuses to spend the whole weekend. He insists he needs to work on a project dealing with wireless electricity. So, he leaves with his girlfriend, Hannah (Peltz). Soon after though, his parents die in a car accident with a drunk driver and Ethan must return home to take care of his brother, Matt (White), and sister, Becca, (Moyer).

Three months later, the three of them have a good, working routine down. They’ve got a scedule and aren’t doing too bad. That is until Ethan starts working on his machine again believing it could make them rich. Then, he starts to forget important events in his siblings lives and Matt, inparticularly, gets very mad about it. Even Hannah keeps calling him to see if he’s okay, but he’s blowing her off, too. But when the machine accidentally contacts the dead, the kids want to talk to their parents, but it may not be their parents coming through.

Reactions were realisitic. The cast was good. And Matt’s character was likable, but he was about the only one consistently so. There was horrible Freddy Claws though. No cooperation at all because no one believed anyone else till they experience it for themselves. We would’ve liked the scares to be more damaging. The rules were good-for-nothing. There were no actual murders. And DJ didn’t think the end made any sense, which it really didn’t. I mean, how? And why? And no.

My score: 39. DJ’s score: 30.

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