Child’s Play (2019)

Directed by Lars Klevberg. Written by Tyler Burton Smith. Starring Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Mark Hamill, Brian Tyree Henry, David Lewis and Tim Matheson.

Plot: Andy (Bateman) receives a Buddi Doll that takes on a murderous life of it’s own.

In Vietnam, at the Buddi making facility, a man who was just fired from his job, turns off all the safety protocols on the A.I. Buddi Doll and then kills himself. Sometime later, as an early birthday gift, Karen (Plaza), gives her son, Andy (Bateman) a Buddi Doll. The doll is hideous I have to say. Don’t even know why Andy comes to love it, but he does. Mainly because Chuky, the doll, helps him befriend Falyn and Pugg. But then Chuckie makes a mistake, a murderous mistake, and Andy decides he needs to die.

This is the crux of the plot of course. And it goes somewhere DJ was hoping it would go, so he really liked that. He actually liked the whole new AI angle. It was funny in parts, the effects were good, the cast was good. It was a good watch. It was hard to like all the people all the time, but it was much better than we were thinking it would be for a remake of Child’s Play. And all the little kids running around screaming “This is for Tupac!” really made the movie.

I say give it a go this Halloween season.

My Score: 58. DJ’s score: 61.

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