The Unborn (2009)

Written and directed by David S. Goyer. Starring Odette Annable, Cam Gigandet, Gary Oldman, Idris Elba, Meagan Good, Jane Alexander, Atticus Shaffer, James Remar and Carla Gugino.

Plot: a college student is tormented by nightmares of a frightening little boy.

College student, Casey (Annable), is having terrifying dreams about a creepy little boy. Then, she goes to her babysitting job and the boy she cares for, Matty (Shaffer), has an “episode”, hits her with a mirror and proclaims, “Jumby wants to be born now.” In Casey’s corner are her best friend, Romy (Good), who is loyal, but semi-superstitious and strange, her boyfriend Mark (Gigandet), who would obviously kill for her and a father, Gordon (Remar), who is keeping something terrible from her. Her mother, Janet (Gugino), has unfortunately been dead for some time.

After one of Casey’s eyes begins to change color, she goes to see a doctor that informs her that she was a twin. Upon hearing this news she goes back to her father demanding answers and he tells her the whole truth. When she was still in her mother’s womb, her cord got wrapped around her twin brother’s neck and he died. Realizing that this is what may have driven her mother a little crazy, she goes through her mother’s belongings and finds the name Sofi Kozma (Alexander). When she visits Sofi in an old folk’s home, Sofi informs her that she too, was a twin. Her and her brother Barto were in Aucshwitz as children and they were experimented on. Barto died due to the experiments, but two days later he came back, but he wasn’t her Barto anymore. He was a dybbuk, a spirit trapped between worlds and barred from heaven.

Now apparently the dybbuk has returned. It initially wanted Casey’s twin, but now everyone thinks it wants Casey instead. Enter a rabbi (Oldman) and a priest (Elba) and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid movie. The movie was original, realistic and had excellent special effects, but the rules were very bad. We wish that their faiths had protected them more. That the dybbuk hadn’t been so much stronger than everything else. However, we still really enjoyed this nice little feature and bonus: there is plenty of eye candy for both gentlemen and ladies.

My score: 66. DJ’s score: 69.

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