Come Play (2020)

Written and Directed by Jacob Chase

Starring Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr., Azhy Robertson, Winslow Fegley and Dalmar Abuzeid

Plot: Oliver is lonely and glued to his smartphone when a horrifying monster uses his screens to come into our world

This movie centers around a young boy who is autistic. The relationships he has with others as well as how they relate to each other like his parents. He is bullied at school. No one really gets him, including his well meaning but text book dependant counselor. His mother is the only one who truly makes an effort and just like real life despite or seemingly because she works the hardest, she routinely gets the short end of the stick. Her husband and friends try sometimes but start to squirm the second things get difficult or uncomfortable.

I love so much of the story, dialogue and what I saw as an allegory for autism and other conditions that affect our mental and emotional well being. It is at times majorly frustrating because of how the world treats difference. It is a beautiful story of a mother’s love and devotion and selflessness. It is a thoughtful and hopeful story about the heart and soul in all of us.

Oliver has things he loves like SpongeBob and his phone, the latter with which he uses to communicate and explore. Irony perhaps that it is that lifeline that exposes him to a monster. I felt so many emotions watching this. Sadness, fear, hope, joy, anger, frustration and love.

The characters are real, the story is engaging. This movie keeps coming at you. I liked everyone’s story arc. Followed the rules it made. Fantastic first effort from writer/ director Jacob Chase. Very talented cast. Great special effects. Rewatchable but not alone. Tara almost cried. I did cry 😭. We think this is nearly perfect. Tara gave it a 92 and I scored it a 98. So obviously we want you to see this movie.

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