Gingersnaps (2000)

Directed by John Fawcett. Written by Fawcett and Karen Walton. Starring Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle, Kris Lemche, Mimi Rogers, Jesse Moss and John Bourgeois.

Plot: two outcast sisters must deal with the fall out when one of them is bitten by a real life werewolf.

Dead dog. The movie opens with a dead dog and it doesn’t stop there either. You see at least three dead dogs for way too long during the whole of the film. However, even I still managed to enjoy it.

Ginger (Isabelle) and her sister, Brigitte (Perkins), have a sick fascination with death, going so far as to take pictures of themselves “dying” in cool ways and agreeing to a suicide pact so that they can die together. That’s only part of the plot though. The real juicy stuff comes in when a predator begins killing random neighborhood dogs and the town enacts a curfew. One night, while out breaking this curfew, Ginger is attacked by the creature and almost killed, but a young man named Sam (Lemche) runs the creature over with his van, killing it instead.

Honestly, Ginger was a bit of a bitch even before being bit and beginning her transformation, but after, she just gets worse, even treating Brigitte badly. And Brigitte has no one to talk to about it except for Sam, who at first believes it was her who was bitten and so he agrees to help. When Ginger starts to get out of control though, Brigitte admits the truth and she and Sam scramble to find a cure before Brigitte loses Ginger forever.

A lot of innocent people die and I don’t agree with all the people they decide to dispose of. I mean, we like maybe three people in the whole film and they kill one of them rather suckily. There definitely could have been some more likable people in this. It’s pretty bad that you’re rooting for the drug dealing, Sam, most of the time. I really like Lemche in this though, but I admit I have had mostly horrible taste in men and enjoy a bad boy type. It’s realistic though, people do suck.

The cast is good. The soundtrack kicks ass. It followed the rules it made about werewolves. It was original. And while I didn’t like the ending, DJ did. Also, I think the message is strong: sometimes no matter how much you love some people, you have to let them go.

My score: 52. DJ’s score: 60.

4 thoughts on “Gingersnaps (2000)

  1. I loved this movie. The dark, drab setting gave it a feel that we see in several other movies that came along after it, such as Twilight (yes, my wife made me watch it). It made it creepy, at least for this southerner. I also enjoyed the others, with GS Back being my favorite over number two and maybe even this one.

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      1. Balance is good! The second one I didn’t enjoy as much as the first, mostly because the things that made GS original weren’t original any longer. The third I highly recommend, it’s not a spectacular movie but I thoroughly enjoyed it. My expectations were low, the entire premise seemed dumb, but I think they pulled off a good werewolf movie.

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