Wild Country (2005)

Written and directed by Craig Strachan. Starring Samantha Shields, Martin Compston, Kevin Quinn, Jamie Quinn, Nicola Muldoon and Peter Capaldi.

Plot: a group of teenagers hiking through the Scottish highlands encounter a wild beast.

This low budget film begins with Kelly Ann (Shields) giving birth and then being forced to give up her child by her mother and her priest, Father Steve (Capaldi). She isn’t happy about it, but she still decides to go on St. Aidan’s Youth Group retreat a few weeks later. Father Steve is going to leave them in the highlands to go hiking and camping for one night and then pick them up the next day at a Bed & Breakfast they have to find. Of course, three things happen that complicate the trip. First, Lee (Compston), the father of Kelly Ann’s baby, who isn’t on good terms with Kelly Ann, shows up out of nowhere to hike with them. Second, they find a baby in the ruins of a castle surrounded by dead bodies. Third, a large creature that turns out to be a werewolf attacks them and starts picking them off.

I have to start the second part of this review by saying that DJ and I were not in agreement with this movie. Aside from the fact that we needed subtitles to understand the characters because of how thick their accents were, I really liked this movie. The effects weren’t the greatest I’ve ever seen, but the movie wasn’t a huge blockbuster either. We both found it realistic and enjoyed the acting, but DJ didn’t find anyone likable whereas I didn’t mind them so much. Even Lee grew on me. Also, I liked the death scenes (DJ didn’t) and I thought the spin was highly original and effective, which DJ totally disagrees with. He found the ending ridiculously stupid.

So, watch the movie, don’t watch the movie, but just no that I think it’s kinda cool.

My score: 67. DJ’s score: 38.

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