Doom (2005)

Directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. Written by David Callaham and Wesley Strick. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, Ben Daniels, Raz Adoti, Dexter Fletcher, Deobia Oparei and Doug Jones.

Plot: space marines sent to a research facility on Mars find themselves hunted by monsters.

In this movie, loosely based on the first-person shooter game of the same name, a group of space marines are sent to a research facility on Mars after they get a distress call from the researchers who have been attacked by an unknown “thing”. Once on Mars, the marines team up with Dr. Samantha Grimm (Pike), Reaper’s (Urban) sister. Reaper is one of the only space marines that is likable. The rest have serious problems: overly macho behavior, drug dealing, cutting themselves when they use the lord’s name in vain, etc. etc.

Of course, Sam and Reaper spend most of the movie arguing, so they’re annoying as well. They need to retrieve the researchers data and find out what happened in the facility, but they can’t keep from insulting each other’s chosen professions. Stupid. There’s a few dead animals to be seen – nasty. And Johnson is a dick in this and I don’t really like him as a dick. Like him better when he’s in things like Jumanji, if I’m honest.

Eventually something really bad happens and the movie actually turns into a first-person shooter film, but the specials are pretty crappy. Pike looks lost the entire movie and Johnson overacts the whole time. Karl Urban was fine. Even DJ thought so and he doesn’t usually like him at all. But he was the best part of this movie that was overall pretty weak. The rules were bad. The script was bad. And there was no Freddy Claws. It was really hard to enjoy. So, we didn’t.

My score: 27. DJ’s score: 31.

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