Horror Story (2013)

Directed by Ayush Raina. Written by Mohan Azaad, Vikram Bhatt and Sukhmani Sadana. Starring Karan Kundra, Radhika Menon, Nishant Malkani, Ravish Desai, Hasan Zaidi and Aparna Bajpai.

Plot: seven people spend the night in a haunted hotel and realize they’re not alone inside.

Vikram Bhatt, who is big in Bollywood horror, wrote this hoping to instill fear in people and he succeeded – somewhat. In this soap-opera-meets-horror movie, we meet seven friends who come together for one last hurrah before one of them moves overseas. Stupidly, they decide to break into an old, abandoned hotel after learning that it was formerly a mental hospital for the criminally insane. Once there, there’s no reason for them to be alone since there are seven of them, but they stupidly split up. They do so many stupid things throughout this movie that sometimes it felt like it was dragging a bit because they kept making stupid decisions over and over again.

Eventually because they keep splitting up, one of them ends up dead. The others freak out at this point and try to leave, but it’s too late, they are now trapped inside. They try several different ways to get out, but in the end they begin to believe that the place is really haunted and that the ghost is keeping them there. Their only hope now is to survive until dawn. And no surprise here, but they don’t all make it.

While the overall tone of the movie was very creepy, it wasn’t altogether scary. The specials would have needed to be a little better for that. However, most of the actors were new to film and the acting was great. The characters were also likable, the movie followed rules and the seven friends worked together during their crisis, so it had good Freddy Claws, too. Also, DJ really liked the ending. I thought it could have been better, but it was still a pretty decent film.

My score: 53. DJ’s score: 59.

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