Dead Season (2012)

Directed by Adam Deyoe. Written by Deyoe, Joshua Klausner and Loren Semmens. Starring Scott Peat, Marissa Merrill, Christian Mooney, James C. Burns and Corsica Wilson.

Plot: after the zombie outbreak occurs, two survivors flee to a remote island where they find out that humans, and not zombies, are the bigger threat.

In this very interesting zombie movie, a man who calls himself Elvis (Peat) meets up with another survivor, a woman who calls herself Tweeter (Merrill), after the outbreak has caused much chaos. Tweeter has a boy, Cody (Mooney), with her. The three of them board a boat in Miami, but there ends up being a zombie on board and in a dark twist, it bites Cody and Elvis has to kill him when Tweeter can’t. So, right away, we know we’re in for something a little grim, but we kept watching.

Elvis and Tweeter sail their way to an island and almost immediately find out that a man named Kurt Conrad (Burns) runs the island and he’s a dickhead. And he’s got a whole bunch of dickhead people working for him that kidnap Elvis and Tweeter. When Kurt finds out that Elvis was a paramedic though, he lets them go and says they can be a part of their community. But what is it that happens to the people Kurt decides don’t fit in his community?

Overall, there’s a nice, little low-budget movie here. The innovation is enjoyable, the acting is good and there were boob shots. Also, although I didn’t love the effects, DJ thought they were great. And although DJ didn’t care for the ending, I really thought it worked nicely. It was genuinely too morbid in areas though. A lot like Walking Dead, the zombies weren’t the main fixture and most of the humans left alive were shit. That’s the kind of pessamistic attitude we hate. So, although it was a decent movie, it only got so high a score.

Our score: 56.

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