Dracula (1931)

Directed by Tod Browning. Written by Garrett Fort. Starring Bela Lugosi, David Manners, Helen Chandler, Dwight Frye and Edward Van Sloan.

Plot: vampires are real and one such vampire travels to England to seduce a young man’s fiancee.

We all pretty much know the story of Dracula. He was the biggest and baddest of his time. Or so most would have you believe. DJ and I are personally of the Nosferatu camp. He gives us chills that Lugosi’s Dracula simply cannot. In saying this, you may be disappointed by our score for this film.

We bet this was really creepy back in it’s day. The lighting and the effects really made it all so perfectly dreary. We also have to admit that this film didn’t just follow the rules, it made them. And the casting of Lugosi as Dracula was spot on. We are just not huge fans of the story itself.

While I find the Dracula story to be a little dull, I do enjoy the world it created. DJ, however, just doesn’t like vampires much at all unless they’re the antagonists that Nosferatu was. So, in conclusion, where we can see the need for Dracula, we just can’t totally get behind him as the biggest, baddest vamp.

Our score: 45.

2 thoughts on “Dracula (1931)

  1. This one definitely made the rules and for the time was about as creepy as it gets. After watching it as a kid a few decades after it was made it kept me up at night for days and had me pulling the sheet up around my neck for years (I still do it!)…

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