The Devil Below (2021)

Directed by Bradley Parker. Written by Stefan Jaworski and Eric Scherbarth. Starring Alicia Sanz, Adan Canto, Chinaza Uche, Jonathan Sadowski, Zach Avery and Will Patton.

Plot: an expedition to an Appalachian mine becomes a fight for survival against an unnatural force.

Schuttmann (Patton) and his son are talking after working in the mines all day when suddenly the son is attacked by something unseen. Schuttmunn tries to save him, but he’s pulled into the darkness screaming. Years later, Arianne (Sanz) guides a team of scientists to the mine – this includes Darren (Canto), Jaime (Avery), Shawn (Uche) and Terry (Sadowski). They are told not to go by a local and even chased down the road by someone, but they still move on with the plan. So, we weren’t rooting for them in the beginning because they were so stupid.

Anyway, coal fires have cause sinkholes to open in the mines and Darren believes the root of all this is scientific while Shawn believes it could be the way to hell itself. He’s rather religious and completely annoying because even if you were religious, why would you want hell to be there? Continuing their search, they eventually find a sinkhole and start their tests. With sound equiptment they hear something coming from beneath the ground. Getting closer, Terry is drug into the hole. Arianne and Jaime repel down to look for him, but can’t find him anywhere.

They are eventually found by Schuttmann’s people, as he is the one that had them followed. But can he convince them of how dangerous what they’re doing is before they all disappear? That is the question. I must tell you that we enjoyed finding out the answer. We thought the creatures were nasty in the best possible way. We thought the story was original and the cast was good, but no one really agrees with us it would seem. Still, we find it to be a decent watch and recommend that you give it a go before listening to all the naysayers.

Our score: 56.

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