Death Valley (2021)

Written and directed by Matthew Ninaber. Starring Jeremy Ninaber (Matthew’s brother), Ethan Mitchell, Kristen Kaster and Jacqueline Ninaber (Matthew’s wife).

Plot: some mercenaries are hired to rescue a bio-engineer from an underground bunker, but unknown to them, there’s also at least one monster in the bunker as well.

This mess of a movie starts with an underground facility being put on lock down after a monster starts acting them. One woman, Chloe (Kaster), gets trapped inside the facility with the disturbing monster and sends out a distress call. But she never mentions the monster that’s in there with her. So, James (Jeremy Ninaber) and Marshall (Mitchell), mercenaries with not much to lose, are hired to get her out. The monster isn’t the only problem though. There’s also a hostile militia looking for a way into the facility because they want whatever’s inside and they’ll kill to get it.

At first, James and Marshall have more company, but their fellow mercenaries are soon killed and only the two of them enter. They find Chloe pretty quickly, although they are soon attacked by a creature. After getting away, Chloe tells James and Marshall that they found something in ice and mixed it’s DNA with human DNA and behold, creature! And the creature doesn’t just kill people, it also infects some and those it infects get sicker and almost zombie-like until finally turning into creatures themselves.

Of course, me and DJ had ideas about the inevitable twist that was coming and it turns out that we were both right. I won’t spoil it for you completely, but keep your eyes on Chloe. After the secrets are revealed, they choose to give us an ending that doesn’t make any sense and is therefore shitty. The story has been done before, many times, and way better. The motive is horrible, the rules were all messed up, there was no real Freddy Claws and we were not really pleased by the acting except for Ethan Mitchell’s “Marshall”. Now, Marshall was cool and funny and just the best part of the movie.

The effects were okay as well, but if we scratch the surface there, you’ll find that the creature really looks a lot like a Resident Evil monster mixed with a Hellraiser cenobite. The Ninaber’s also had their hands in too much we think. Matthew and Jeremy both did stunts, set design and visual effects, while Jacqueline also worked as the script supervisor, location manager and even caterer. Wow. I mean, we basically hated this movie. There was too much bad that overpowered the few bright spots.

Our score: 18.

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