Aftermath (2021)

Directed by Peter Winther. Written by Winther and Dakota Gorman. Starring Ashley Greene, Shawn Ashmore, Britt Baron, Sharif Atkins, Diana Hopper, Susan Walters, Jamie Kaler, Travis Coles, Ross McCall and Jason Liles.

Plot: a young married couple, in a strained relationship due to her affair, move into a new home where a murder/suicide occured.

Normally, I’d shove this movie into one of those NEVER WATCH THIS lists because it was that bad, but I figured I’d put it in it’s own post so I could tell you ALL about it to fully explain our stance. So, be warned, there are major spoilers ahead.




This substandard movie begins with credits, of course, but as they play you hear a woman dialing 911 to say her husband is trying to kill her. While she’s on the phone, he does kill her and then he kills himself as well. Kevin (Ashmore), and his buddies, Dave (Kaler) and Garrett (Coles), work as crime scene cleaners, and are charged with getting the couple’s blood off of the walls and floors so that the house can be sold. Kevin, in his infinite wisdom, decides to buy the house for he and his wife Natalie (Greene), who have been having problems recently due to her affair with a man named Nick (McCall). At first, Natalie finds the idea of moving into a house with such a morbid history unacceptable, but she relents to save her marriage.

When they move in, terrible things begin to happen inside the home, but they’re also dealing with pressures from the outside as well. Kevin goes back to school to get his degree and strikes up a friendship with a woman named Avery (Hopper). A friendship his co-workers think he’s stupid for getting into. Meanwhile, Natalie, a clothing designer who wants to open her own store, gets the chance, but Nick is involved in it. Also, she’s dealing with a bitch sister, Dani (Baron), who dislikes Kevin, but still pushes Natalie to have contact with their mother (Walters), who neither of them even like because of her selfish and thoughtless behavior. Of course, Dani does end up in the house alone and gets sucked into a closet, so there’s that.

Their dog gets sick over time and when they take him to the vet, they find that he’s ingested poison and has to be put down. Cause why not? It is popular to kill the dog after all. Then, someone sets fire to their car, Natalie hears more and more creepy shit, they argue and argue about Avery and Nick and the only cool people throughout are Dave and Garrett. When Kevin ends up being poisoned himself, the hospital believe it may have been Natalie that did it, so they won’t let her see him. Still, he comes back home to her, but he’s a bit afraid now. He does change his tune however, when a man shows up at the door while Natalie is home alone and almost succeeds in raping her. Turns out, the seller’s husband, who feels the house should have stayed in their family, put a twisted ad up online saying that Natalie enjoyed sex “by surprise”. So, Officer Richardson (Atkins) arrests him, Kevin thinks the husband is to blame for all the shit that’s happened and so he and Natalie lower their guard and go about their lives.

The husband wasn’t to blame for everything though. That would be too easy. There’s a much dumber answer. It’s the man living in their walls. Yup. While Kevin’s with Avery, working on a school project, Natalie is grabbed by the man in the walls. He loves her, see, and he was actually the one who killed the couple in the beginning of the movie. When Kevin comes home, the man attacks him, but Natalie works herself free of the restraints and helps Kevin fight back. Together, they beat the man, kill him and their relationship is strengthened in the process.

With everything over now, Kevin and Natalie still decide to move out. As they leave the house with the last of their belongings, we are shown that they left the basement door wide open. And although I knew it was going to start closing slowly insinuating the nightmare wasn’t over, DJ didn’t want to believe it. Then, the door started closing slowly, insinuating that the nightmare wasn’t over and we were just done. We assume the man in the walls is now a ghost in the walls or something. Whatever. Good acting and a bit of quality humor do not make a satisfying movie. It was shoddy overall and we do not recommend.

Our score: 10.

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