Uncanny Annie (2019)

Written by Alan and James Bachelor

Directed by Paul Davis

Starring Adelaide Kane, Georgie Flores, Paige McGhee, Jacques Colimon, Dylan Arnold, Evan Bittencourt and Karlisha Hurley as “Annie”

Plot: on Halloween night, a group of college students get stuck in a board game that brings their fears to life

Stupid, unfunny t shirt

This is one if the Hulu Into the Dark movies, which are not beloved by us. We have liked a couple, but hated some, disliked a bunch and have generally lost interest in new ones. A lot of them try way too hard and talk down to the audience or just plain don’t make sense. This movie fits the latter definitely. Overall it isn’t complete nonsense, but it wastes all of it’s potential.

These are not our kind of people, though we do love games so that part was fun. The group of friends is not really likeable. There are secrets and lies. Selfishness reigns. They aren’t very bright. Only a couple of them could be even remotely considered “innocent” but then again why are they friends with the rest of them?

These friends gather to honor a late member of the group on Halloween by hanging out and wind up playing a game. The movie is predictable in a lot of ways and Annie should have been scarier. I thought it was realistic but it lacked Freddy Claws and the rules were bad. I had a far superior ending in mind.

This ended up being far from the worst of the Into the Dark series but it was just meh. Tara scored it 40 and I gave it a 46.

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