After Midnight (1989)

Written and directed by Jim and Ken Wheat.  Starring Ramy Zada, Jillian McWhirter, Pamela Segall, Marc McClure, Judie Aronson, Penelope Sudrow, Alan Rosenberg and Marg Helgenberger.

Plot: a college professor invites his students over to his house to sway scary stories while studying fear.

First story:  The Old Dark House – A couple gets stranded on a dark road and a big surprise is coming to them.  DJ said that this is the reason he doesn’t like surprises.  In the end, we felt badly for the husband and thought the wife got what was coming to her.

Second story:  A Night On the Town – It’s a dog eat people kind of world sometimes.  And we really wish these dogs had won the night. All sorts of stupid shit happens, like how the car starts at just the right time or how she, being 100lbs soaking wet, is able to knock over full barrells of oil or how they skip one fence really close to them only to run to another, very inconvient fence, and climb that one at the last moment. In the end, none of them really deserved to live.

Third story:  All Night Operator – A telephone operator gets really creepy phone calls from a stranger.  It’s sort of a “When A Stranger Calls” like story and it was our favorite story of the three, but that’s not saying a whole lot. DJ was particularly annoyed and underwhelmed by this story. He didn’t want everyone to die and he hates these “invader” stories where some crazy stalks an innocent woman.

The wraparound story: The Psychology of Fear – This unfortunately sucked completely.  They tie three so-so stories together with bullshit.  It’s a shame.  The main girl (McWhirter) is horrible in her decisions and then what? Is she stuck in hell or limbo? I mean, what the fuck was going on? It would have received a higher score if it was done more successfully.  

My score: 44. DJ’s score: 20.

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