Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Directed by Sam Raimi. Written by Sam and Ivan Raimi. Starring Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Lorna Raver, David Paymer, Bojana Novakovic, Reggie Lee, Adriana Barraza and Dileep Rao.

Plot: a loan officer evicts an old woman from her home and finds herself cursed.

The movie opens in 1969. A family comes to see a young medium when the son starts hearing things. The medium does a seance, but it doesn’t stop the boy from being drug to hell by a demon. In the present day, a bank loan officer named Christine (Lohman), is competing with a co-worker, Stu (Lee), for a promotion. When her boss suggests that she needs to make the tough decisions, Christine refuses to give an elderly Roma woman, Sylvia Ganush (Raver), an extension on her mortgage. Inevitably, Sylvia curses Christine. In full effect, the curse brings on hallucinations and even violent attacks.

Christine and her boyfriend, Clay (Long), go to Rham Jas (Rao), a fortune teller, who sees that Christine is haunted by a dark entity. He explains that she will be attacked for three days before something eventually drags her to hell. He also tells her that a sacrifice may prevent that. So, SPOILER ALERT, she sacrifices her own cat. Seriously! Which is when I was officially done with her and wanted to watch her be drug to hell by whatever was coming.

This is a very well made, well written movie.  There are jump scares in abundance.  Just when I started to calm down another thing would freak me the fuck out.  Also, there was a great cast. I mean, these were good actors putting on a good show.  Having said that though, we didn’t like the movie all that much. With a pet sacrifice? Imagine that.

I’m not gonna say we hated it though, because we didn’t, but we didn’t love it either.  First of all, Alison Lohman is stupid from the beginning of the movie and she never really gets smarter.  I mean, why put your career ahead of that little old lady in the first place?  How is she going to sleep at night?  Oh, that’s right, she’s not, because she’s cursed from now on.

Second of all, it is so gross.  So gross!  If gross shit bothers you, DO NOT watch this.  Worms freak me out, so I had my eyes shut through one scene in particular.

Third, she killed her cat to save her own ass.  Not even DJ is as bothered by this as I am, but even he couldn’t kill one of our dogs to save himself.  Pets are family people!!  You can’t go around killing them because you fucked up.  Geez!

Bottom line: If you like gross things, give it a go.  

My score: 41. DJ’s score: 47.

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