13 Eerie (2013)

Directed by Lowell Dean. Written by Christian Piers Betley. Starring Michael Shanks, Brendan Fehr, Katharine Isabelle, Brendan Fletcher, Jesse Moss, Michael Eisner, Kristie Patterson and Nick Moran.

Plot: six forensic students take a field exam on an island previously used for illegal biological testing on prison inmates.

I would like to tell you more about this movie, but I can’t. Mainly because there’s nothing else to tell. It’s about six students, their ignorant professor and a strange driver stuck on a doomed island. There is no Freddy Claws at all. Everyone who learns something goes to tell someone else and they aren’t believed. The professor is rude to everyone, including the students. The zombies are impossible to kill. Head shots take down some of them, but are apparently useless on others. And people fall down so easily it’s hilarious. At least one of them stumbles and ends up knocked out.

The acting is fine though. The cast is great considering it’s low budget. But the overall story is nonsense. I thought it was fun enough the first time around, but neither of us really want to recommend it to anyone else. It’s amusing in parts. That’s not intentional though. And the ending was left wide open which is something DJ detests. I found more merit in most of it, but like I said, we’re not gonna tell you watch it.

My score: 49. DJ’s score: 32.


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