Black Friday (2021)

Directed by Casey Tebo. Written by Andy Greskoviak. Starring Devon Sawa, Ivana Baquero, Ryan Lee, Stephen Peck, Louie Kurtzman, Celeste Oliva, Michael Jai White and Bruce Campbell.

Plot: a group of toy store employees fight infected shoppers after something parasitic crash lands on Earth.

The We Love Toys store is opening for Black Friday and all hands are on deck. That includes Ken (Sawa), a divorced father of little girls he doesn’t see as much as he’d like; Chris (Lee), a germaphobe with an asshole father; Marnie (Baquero), Ken’s booty buddy who he doesn’t realize only wants him for his booty; Emmett (Kurtzman), the ambitious new guy; Anita (Oliva), the overachiever; Archie (White), the tough guy who’s actually tough; Brian (Peck), the bossy assistant manager; and Jonathan (Campbell), the actual boss who can’t handle actual confrontation.

When the customers rush in, some of them become violent. They get nasty quick, inside and out, attacking each other and the employees. Emmett is killed first, only he gets back up. And he’s looked better. After he attacks Anita with a tentacle that shoots out of his mouth, she turns into a monster as well. The infected, when they aren’t attacking, are being consumed by a gelatinous sac in the middle of the store.

More employees get killed. Others just get mean. Ken’s the only one we like the whole movie, so likability points weren’t high. However, the monsters were horrifying which was very effective. The dialogue was super realistic, the cast was great as a whole, the rules worked well for the story and the direction was terrific. Instead of braving the masses out there, we suggest staying in, cuddling up and watching this fun film.

My score: 79. DJ’s score: 76.

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