The Maze (2010)

Directed by Stephen Shimek. Written by Katy Baldwin and Timothy Gutierrez. Starring Shalaina Castle, Brandon Sean Pearson, Kyle Paul, Tye Nelson and Clare Niederpruem.

Plot: a group of “teenagers” go to a corn maze after hours for a game of tag with deadly results.

First off, teenagers is in quotation marks because they are all at least 30 years old. Second, there is little plot. Most of it revolves around five people getting stabbed by a serial killer. Yes, stabbed. They all get stabbed. There is no innovation whatsoever. The knife isn’t even very large. Third, the killer isn’t scary at all, due in no small part to the fact that they look like a 12-year-old. Any one of the five should have been able to stomp the killer out.

There’s also several things missing from this movie besides a plot. There’s no blood shown at any time, not even on the knife. It isn’t always necessary to have a lot of blood in a horror movie, but in something like this, there should be some. There’s no character development either and none of them had any sense. For instance, not one of them ran through the corn instead of following the maze. No real survival instinct there.

Every time someone fell it was a huge injury, except for the killer, who was never injured at all, even when stabbed in the stomach. The movie also took itself way too seriously and the ending was shit. That twist was ridiculous. Then the cop pulls up to the scene, grabs the first person he sees and whisks her away. Nevermind scouring the corn maze for anyone else who may be alive. As for the girl being whisked, she suddenly can’t speak, so she’s not asking questions, making statements or professing her own innocence. Nada.

If you’re looking for a movie with a traditional beginning, middle and end, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a movie with a decent payoff, definitely look elsewhere.

My score: 15. DJ’s score: 0.

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