The Abandoned (2006)

Directed by Nacho Cerda.  Written by Cerda, Karim Hussain and Richard Stanley. Starring Anastasia Hille, Karel Roden and Valentin Ganev.

Plot: a woman goes to Russia to learn the truth about her past and her sordid family history.

DJ didn’t score this one.  Why?  Because we watched it once before we started this scoring system and we hated it. So, when I decided to give it another chance, DJ wanted no part of it. He was the smart one in all this.

The movie starts with an American woman named Marie (Hille), making a phone call from her Russian hotel room. She’s in Russia because she’s inherited property. At said house, she meets Nikolai (Roden), who says they are twins, seperated after their mother was killed. The house itself though, keeps changing between an attractive home and a dilapitated mess. And the dilapitated mess has zombie-like people inside that are threatening them. Bonus, some of the zombie people look just like them.

I’d seriously go all out here and give everything away, but I can’t really. The movie ends up making little to no sense. It could be creepy, but it was mostly pointless. If there was a message, it seemed to be that sometimes it’s better to be abandoned and what the hell kind of message is that?! I really didn’t understand the reasoning here. Why were they even seperated? Why was their mother murdered? Why was that one zombie naked the whole time? I’m at a loss.

Chilling effects alone cannot make a movie worth watching. I’m so angry that I sat through it again trying to find a reason why it even exists.

My score: 23.


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