Hellraiser II : Hellbound (1988)

Written by Peter Atkins and Directed by Tony Randel and Starring Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley, and Clare Higgins

Plot: Kirsty and new talkative friend Tiffany are trapped in an institution by uber-weird Dr Chanard who is obsessed with the box and resurrects Julia.

Plenty of gore. There is a carnival scene where they could have amped up the scary. Pinhead has more great lines. “Your suffering will be legendary, even in Hell!” Overall, the movie suffers from inconsistent writing, as if they made it up as they went along with no plan or goal. If you ever had the opportunity to hear the film makers speak at a q & a or meet and greet then you know that isn’t far from the truth. Kirsty and Tiffany are likable, good dialogue, great effects. Altogether good cast. I dug the lighting, but Tara didn’t, it felt cheap to her. I love the soundtrack. Not highly rewatchable for either of us, poor continuity. My biggest gripe however is the “fight” scene, that travesty of a confrontation where pinhead gets to show the deep soul within. It would make me laugh if it didn’t frustrate me so much. It’s like a boxing match with a knockout of the champion in round 1. Maybe cool to see for some but ultimately empty and unsatisfying. Tara didn’t care for it with a score of 35/100 and this one dropped almost 40 points for me for a score of 62/100, watch it for the experience, if not for pinheads’ one liners , some great effects and Kirsty and Tiffany it would have been a take it or leave it film for me, if not less. But if you disagree watch it and let me know!


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