Hellraiser III : Hell on Earth (1992)

Written by Peter Atkins , Directed by Anthony Hickox.

Starring Doug Bradley and Terry Farrell

Plot: A reporter gets mixed up in the affairs of a nightclub and the seedy owner’s creepy new statue. Elliot Spencer and Pinhead were apparently separated in the last one and here we have Pinhead encased in a statue in need of blood to become flesh again.

This movie has great cenobite innovation. A part of me does miss the old guard, But I still love the newcomers.

This is why we don’t go to nightclubs! Haha, never know when it’ll turn into a blood bath. The Terri character is a moron. Pinhead gets some blood by “accident” and then convinces a couple of idiots to get him more. When he is finally flesh again he begins killing indiscriminately. Remember he is without Elliot, but the good Captain gets in touch with “Joey” to help him stop Pinhead. This makes for a really interesting story for me.

I love the effects, more great Pinhead quotes. It is kind of a philosophical duality of man exploration. It is also a really entertaining and gory horror movie that is well acted for the most part. Motive, rules and realism worked. Far less sexual than the first 2, Tara liked that and I’m sure others will too. I liked it because it still worked. Re-watchable due to a good story that’s fun to watch.

We both recommend it with Tara giving it a 68/100 and me an 80/100, give it a shot, it’s a good one!

“A dream of one war is a dream of all wars” – Captain Elliot Spencer

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