Hellraiser 7: Deader (2005)

Written by Tim Day and Benjamin Carr.

Directed by Rick Bota.

Starring Doug Bradley and Kari Wuhrer.

Plot: A journalist goes to Romania to investigate a cult.

The movie could be called 7 minutes of Pinhead. Let me say that we both hate Kari Wuhrer, she ruins or at least makes worse everything she is in. Especially when she plays some “bad ass, tough as nails” reporter. She is not a good actress. I don’t believe she is street smart or fearless.

This movie has a completely nonsensical plot. An entirely bullshit story line. It did have one exceptionally creepy part. A basically random guy in this has unexplained power. They don’t bother giving reasons for a lot of the things in this movie. Plenty of boobs and gratuitous lesbian shots, even a penis lol. Hate-able protagonist, no rules, bad ending, movie is Swiss cheese. Tara hated it with a score of 20/100 and I wasn’t much better with a low 28/100, we recommend you watch the gag reel instead of the movie.

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