Enter Nowhere (2011)

Directed by Jack Heller.  Written by Shawn Christensen and Jason Dolan.  Starring Sara Paxton, Scott Eastwood, Katherine Waterston and Shaun Sipos.

Plot: three strangers arrive at a remote cabin one by one and must figure out why they’re there and why they’re unable to leave.

Although this was listed on Netflix as horror, it is NOT a horror movie. It’s barely a thriller. It’s more like a really long episode of The Outer Limits.  In it, we meet Jody (Paxton), Sam (Waterston) and Tom (Eastwood), as they all wind up in a strange cabin in the middle of even stranger woods. They can’t track how they got there and they can’t leave. Tom attempts to get them help by walking in a straight line, out of the woods, but only ends up coming back to the cabin time and time again. Eventually the three meet a fourth, Hans (Sipos), and realize that they’re all linked together. How, I won’t say, but it’s interesting.

I should tell you that this is a character study more than anything.  One where not everyone is so likable in the beginning of the movie. They have to learn and grow and change a bit before you actually start to care what happens to them. By the end though, I did care and while not a horror movie exactly, I do recommend if you enjoy mysteries.

My score: 53. DJ’s score: 45.


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