The Incredible Melting Man (1977)

Written and directed by William Sachs. Starring Alex Rebar, Burr DeBenning, Myron Healing, Michael Alldredge, Ann Sweeny, Jonathan Demme, Janus Blythe and Cheryl Smith.

Plot: an astronaut is transformed into a murderous melting man after being exposed to radiation during a trip to Saturn.

This movie is hysterical.  Let’s start with that.  It is one of the best bad movies ever.  Don’t let certain descriptions lie to you though.  This is not a movie about a man trying to restore his flesh.  No, this man is just melting and it’s making him a crazy murderer for some reason, who also consumes some flesh.  You may even root for him in the beginning because he’s melting and that’s sad, but pretty soon he becomes too crazy for words.

It all starts when Colonel Steven West (Rebarr) is exposed to radiation on a trip to Saturn. It kills his fellow astronauts and begins a flesh melting process in him. Back on Earth, this radiation problem drives him insane, naturally, and he murders a nurse, escapes the hospital and murders a bit more. A Dr. Nelson (DeBenning) and a Sheriff Blake (Alldredge) go after West. This all ends as crappy as you may imagine, but I won’t spoil it for you.

So much is wrong with this movie. So much. It is totally unrealistic, even for a movie about melting flesh and the rules change from one minute to the next.  But at least it’s funny. For instance, keep your eye out for the raunchy old lady stealing lemons.  She is a riot!!  Also, you could probably start a drinking game for every time a character has a meltdown (get it? meltdown!  hahaha!).  Someone has a legit hissy fit every five to ten minutes.

For the fun of it, here are some rather interesting discussion questions for after the viewing:

1. Why was that big woman put into slow-motion? I feel like that was purposely cruel.

2. Why wasn’t a radioactive man put into isolation immediately? You shouldn’t have had him around other people even if he wasn’t trying to kill everyone.

3. Why is he worried about his freaking crackers when there’s a radioactive man on the loose? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be hungry at a time like that.

4. After a girl lets someone pull down her tube top to take pictures of her boobs, she sees a dead body on the ground.  Why does she not A) pull up her fucking tube top and/or B) run away?

5. Why does another woman opt not to use her meat cleaver in self-defense? Instead, she throws it on the ground, throws herself on the ground and begins crying in the corner. Like what the actual fuck?

We didn’t give this movie high marks, but we do recommend at least one watch. It’s too funny to pass up.

My score: 43. DJ’s score: 37.

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