The Last Exorcism Part II (2013)

Directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly.  Written by Gass-Donnelly and Damien Chazelle.  Starring Ashley Bell, Spencer Treat Clark, Julia Garner, Louis Herthum, David Jensen, Joe Chrest and Muse Watson.

Plot: Nell is now trying to lead a new and normal life after the events of the first movie, but of course, the devil won’t let her alone.

In New Orleans, Nell (Bell), all innocent and cute, starts her life over. She is living in a girl’s home, run by Frank (Watson), and working at a hotel as a maid. You really feel for her too, or at least we did.  It drew us right into the movie.  We wanted to see her succeed, she was trying so hard. She had new friends and she even had a love interest, Chris (Clark).  It was building up such a pleasant story in the beginning and then the second half turned into a crapfest just like the original movie.

Abalam, the same demon from the first film, is back and apparently in love with Nell. And all the people around her – girls, boys, co-workers, housemates, doctors, nurses, pastors, chickens – have to deal with the demon, too, cause that’s just the unfair way demons are. However, who is this demon? Why does he want Nell so bad? This aspect of the story is left undeveloped and because of that, we feel that a crucial element is missing.

The high point of the movie is clearly the acting. Everyone was completely believable in their roles. The effects were also shockingly good. It’s a shame everything else was shit. It was a tired story with an invincible demon. Abalam isn’t phased by voodoo or Catholicism and we call bullshit. Demons are a part of most religious idealogies, therefore religious symbols and ceremonies should at least be able to scare the demon, if not kill it altogether. But in this movie, none of it works. It doesn’t make sense. We’re giving it a crap score.

The movie is also very sexual without actually showing any sex. And DO NOT get attached to anyone in Nell’s life. Me and DJ really, really liked someone in this film and then they were killed. It was, honestly, the last straw for us. We watched the rest of it, but only to give it a fair score. We were angry though and then the end happened and it just made our heads hurt even more. Watch this at your own risk.

My score: 27. DJ’s score: 23.

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