He Knows You’re Alone (1980)

Directed by Armand Mastroinanni.  Written by Scott Parker.  Starring Don Scardino, Caitllin O'Heaney, Elizabeth Kemp, Tom Rolfing, Patsy Pease, Dana Barron, Paul Gleason, Russell Todd and Tom Hanks (in his film debut). Plot: a young woman is stalked by a serial killer. Ray Carlton (Rolfing) kills bride-to-be's.  When he sets his sights on Amy Jensen … Continue reading He Knows You’re Alone (1980)


The Legend of Lucy Keyes (2005)

Written and directed by John Stimpson.  Starring Julie Delpy, Justin Theroux, Brooke Adams, Mark Boone Jr., Kathleen Regan, Cassidy Hinkle and Anna Friedman. Plot: a family moves to rural New England and into a haunted house. This movie is less a horror movie and more something Lifetime plays during Halloween.  It's not very scary at … Continue reading The Legend of Lucy Keyes (2005)

The Houses October Built (2014)

Directed by Bobby Roe.  Written by Bobby Roe, Zack Andrews, Jason Zada and Jeff Larson.  Starring Roe, Andrews and Larson.  Also, Bobby's brother, Mikey Roe. Plot: 5 people go on a tour of haunted houses and find an "extreme" one that's a little too realistic. In this found footage film, a group of friends head … Continue reading The Houses October Built (2014)

Halloween Night (2006)

Directed by Mark Atkins.  Written by David Michael Latt and Michael Gingold.  Starring Rebekah Kochan, Jan Anderson, Jared Cohn, Derek Osedach, Scot Nery and Alicia Klein. Plot: it's basically Halloween.  It's a big time copy.  I don't know if that was the point, but that's what it is. Chris Vale was admitted to an asylum … Continue reading Halloween Night (2006)

Dark House (2009)

Directed by Darin Scott.  Written by Scott and Kerry Douglas Dye.  Starring Jeffrey Combs, Scott Whyte, Meghan Ory, Diane Salinger and Matt Cohen. Plot: a group of acting students come to work for a haunted house that turns out to be truly haunted. In the Old Darrode House, Janet Darrode ran a foster home but … Continue reading Dark House (2009)

Truth or Die (2012)

Directed by Robert Heath.  Written by Matthew McGuchen.  Starring Tom Kane, Liam Boyle, Jack Gordon, Jennie Jacques, David Oakes, Jason Maza and Florence Hall. Plot: a group of teens are held hostage by a psychopath that forces them to play a game of truth or dare On Halloween night, some teenagers are lured to an … Continue reading Truth or Die (2012)

The Witching (2016)

Directed by Corey Norman.  Written by Michelle Davidson, Jesse David Ing, Patrick Rea, Sean Lee and Calvin Weaver.  Starring Jessica Bedell, Ian Carlsen, Joanna Clarke, Jack Scanell, Jennifer Friend, Beth Somerville, Ellen Elizabeth White and Catherine Parker. Plot: on Halloween, members of a popular podcast go into the woods to tell scary stories The first … Continue reading The Witching (2016)

House on Haunted Hill (1959)

Directed by William Castle.  Written by Robb White.  Starring Vincent Price, Richard Long, Carol Ohmart, Carolyn Craig, Elisha Cook Jr., Julie Mitchum and Alan Marshal. Plot: a millionaire offers five people $10,000 to spend the night in a haunted house An eccentric millionaire (Price) invites five people desperate for money to a haunted house, promising … Continue reading House on Haunted Hill (1959)

Holidays (2016)

This anthology film centers around 8 major holidays.  It stars Seth Green, Harley Quinn Smith, Clare Grant, Michael Gross, Mark Steger  and Scott Stewart. ******SPOILERS AHEAD****** ********************************************** ********************************************************************** Let's deal with the worst of the anthology first: St. Patty's Day.  It was pointless.  Gross and just bad.  A cursed woman gives birth to a snake.  … Continue reading Holidays (2016)

The Pumpkin Karver (2006)

Directed by Robert Mann.  Written by Mann and Sheldon Silverstein.  Starring Minka Kelly, Michael Zara, Amy Weber, Mysti Adams, Charity Shea and Alex Weed. Plot: Someone at the pumpkin patch party is killing all the guests I'm gonna do something different with this movie and tell you everything wrong with it in a 1,2,3 format … Continue reading The Pumpkin Karver (2006)