The Grudge 2 (2007)

Directed by Takashi Shimizu.  Written by Shimizu and Stephen Susco.  Starring Amber Tamblyn, Arielle Kebbel, Sarah Roemer, Edison Chen, Jennifer Beals, Teresa Palmer, Christopher Cousins and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Plot: the curse from the first movie is out and makes it's way to a Chicago apartment building. First, let me tell you that this movie … Continue reading The Grudge 2 (2007)

Reeker (2005)

Written and directed by Dave Payne.  Starring Devon Gummersall, Arielle Kebbel, Eric Mabius and Michael Ironside. Plot: a group of people trapped at a deserted motel are stalked by... something A group of college students decide to carpool on their vacation.  They get along "interestingly" until the driver, Gretchen, discovers that a passenger, Trip, is … Continue reading Reeker (2005)

Red Mist (2008)

Directed by Paddy Breathnach.  Written by Spence Wright.  Starring Arielle Kebbel. Plot: a bunch of asshole students torture this other kid right into a coma - unfortunately for them, he enjoys the coma too much The original title of the movie was Freakdog apparently and we're not sure why they changed it.  Freakdog is what … Continue reading Red Mist (2008)