Black Sabbath (1963)

Directed by Mario Bava.  Written by Bava, Alberto Bevilacqua and Marcello Fondato. Starring Lidia Alfonsi, Susy Andersen, Mark Damon, Rika Dialina, Harriet Medin, Michele Mercier, Milly Monti, Glauco Onorato, Jacqueline Pierreux, Milo Quesada and Boris Karloff. Plot: your basic trilogy of terror where horror icon, Boris Karloff, introduces each one. DJ and I watched the … Continue reading Black Sabbath (1963)

The Babadook (2014)

Written and Directed by Jennifer Kent (her first feature length film).  Starring Essie Davis, Noah Wiseman and Daniel Henshall. Plot: a strange single mother with a strange little boy discover an awful truth after finding a book about The Babadook You can't say a lot about this movie.  I mean, you could, but you'd give … Continue reading The Babadook (2014)