Visions (2015)

Directed by Kevin Greutert.  Written by L.D. Goffigan and Lucas Sussman.  Starring Isla Fisher, Anson Mount, Eva Longoria, Jim Parsons, Bryce Johnson, John de Lancie, Joanna Cassidy and Gillian Jacobs. Plot: after moving to a vineyard with her husband, a pregnant woman begins having terrifying visions. Eveleigh (Fisher) and David (Mount) move to a vineyard … Continue reading Visions (2015)

9 Movies We Wish We Hadn’t Sat Through

Dead Meat (2004) We usually love zombie movies.  Even cheap ones.  This is not the case with Dead Meat.  It's apparently supposed to be a funny movie, but the comedy isn't really our brand.  An eye ball being sucked out of someone's head by a vacuum cleaner is just childish.  Also, the make up is … Continue reading 9 Movies We Wish We Hadn’t Sat Through

Willow Creek (2014)

Written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait.  Starring Bryce Johnson and Alexie Gilmore. Plot: a man and his girlfriend camp in the woods hoping to capture a glimpse of Bigfoot We love Bobcat, but no.  Just no.  Maybe he shouldn't write stuff.  Or direct stuff.  Cause we're not feeling it. Jim (Johnson) is an asshole.  He … Continue reading Willow Creek (2014)