Stung (2015)

Directed by Benni Diaz.  Written by Adam Aresty.  Starring Benni Diaz, Matt O'Leary, Jessica Cook, Clifton Collins Jr. and Lance Henriksen. Plot: killer wasps turn a fancy garden party goers into upper class prey First thing I should say is that this movie is nasty as hell.  Do not eat while watching.  Second thing is … Continue reading Stung (2015)

Fear Itself: Family Man (2008)

Directed by Ronny Yu.  Written by Daniel Knauf. Starring Clifton Collins Jr., and Colin Ferguson. Plot: a husband and father switches bodies with a serial killer This episode wasn't bad.  Collins Jr. and Ferguson are both really good actors.  And what can I tell you about the plot?  Nothing else really.  A good man switches … Continue reading Fear Itself: Family Man (2008)