Madman (1982)

Written and directed by Joe Giannone.  Starring Gaylen Ross, Paul Ehlers, Tony Fish, Seth Jones, Harriet Bass, Jan Claire, Alex Murphy, Jimmy Steele and Carl Fredericks. Plot: a legendary psychopath that killed his family with an axe, now stalks a summer camp. It is told around the campfire that Madman Marz (loosely based on New … Continue reading Madman (1982)

The Burning (1981)

Directed by Tony Maylam.  Written by Maylam, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Brad Grey and Peter Lawrence.  Starring Lou David, Jason Alexander, Brian Backer, Fisher Stevens, Holly Hunter, Ned Eisenberg, Brian Matthews, Leah Ayres and Larry Joshua. Plot: horribly burned by a prank gone wrong, a man stalks and kills teenagers at summer camp. At Camp … Continue reading The Burning (1981)