Side Sho (2007)

Directed by Michael D'Anna.  Written by Frank and Paula Fox.  Starring J.D. Hart, Toni Robider, Dana Poulson, Hunter Ballard, J.R. Reynolds and Elizabeth Bailey. Plot: a family is attacked by inbred side show freaks who aren't really freaks at all. So a suburban family is traveling and they end up on the scenic route.  Not … Continue reading Side Sho (2007)

Just Before Dawn (1981)

Written by Jeff Lieberman, Mark Arywitz and Jonas Middleton Directed by Jeff Lieberman Starring George Kennedy, Gregg Henry, Chris Lemmon, Mike Kellin, Ralph Seymour and Deborah Benson Plot: a group of young people ignore several warnings and go deep into the woods for camp where they encounter inbred killers These people start off ignoring the … Continue reading Just Before Dawn (1981)