Land of the Dead (2005)

Written and directed by George A. Romero.  Starring Simon Baker, Asia Argento, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper, Robert Joy and Eugene Clark. Plot: the dead are really beginning to learn now and that's not good for anyone, but especially not Dennis Hopper and his rich bitch tower city In this dead movie, Dennis Hopper and the … Continue reading Land of the Dead (2005)

The Happening (2008)

Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.  Starring Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo, Spencer Breslin and Alan Ruck. Plot: a series of horrific suicides have the East Coast in a panic - is it terrorists?  Or is it that nature has had enough of us Mark Wahlberg is a science teacher (which he plays … Continue reading The Happening (2008)