Home (2016)

Directed by Frank Lin.  Written by Lin and Jeff Lam.  Starring Heather Langenkamp, Kerry Knuppe, Aaron Hill, Lew Temple and Samantha Mumba. Plot: Carrie (Knuppe), a religious freak, has to move into a house with her mother (Langenkamp) and her mother's wife, when creepy stuff starts to happen and Carrie has to overcome her fears … Continue reading Home (2016)

No Man’s Land: Rise of the Reeker (2008)

Written and directed by Dave Payne.  Starring Lew Temple, Valerie Cruz, Desmond Askew, Stephen Martines, Robert Pine, Mircea Monroe and Michael Muhney. Plot: a group of people stranded at a rest stop are stalked by the Reeker This movie is just a rehash really of the original Reeker (2005).  People get stuck and people get … Continue reading No Man’s Land: Rise of the Reeker (2008)