20 Movies Even Worse Than 2020

The Abandoned (2015) This movie about a young woman who gets a security job in a creepy old buiding makes no sense. It's unoriginal, the rules suck, the camera work sucks and there is no Freddy Claws. In the end, SPOILER ALERT, it turns out that she wasn't security at all, but rather a dying … Continue reading 20 Movies Even Worse Than 2020

Beneath (2013)

Directed by Larry Fessenden. Written by Tony Daniel and Brian D. Smith. Starring Mackenzie Rosman, Daniel Zovatto, Bonnie Dennison, Chris Conroy, Griffin Newman and Jonny Orsini. Plot: a group of teenagers unwittingly anger a strange fish attracted to human blood. Six teenagers head out to a secluded lake. On the way they meet an old … Continue reading Beneath (2013)