House of the Witch (2017)

Directed by Alex Merkin.  Written by Neil Elman.  Starring Arden Belle, Coy Stewart, Darren Mann, Emily Bader, Hunter Trammell, Jesse Pepe, Jules Hartley, Michelle Randolph and Nolan Bateman. Plot: teenagers venture into an abandoned house on a dare, but getting out won't be so easy. A group of teenagers go into this old, abandoned house … Continue reading House of the Witch (2017)

Killer High (2018)

Written by Suzanne Keilly Directed by Jem Garrard Starring Kacey Rohl, Lauren Collins, Humberly Gonzalez, Asha Bromfield, Varun Saranga, and Jonathan Langdon Plot: a high school reunion turns deadly when the cursed mascot comes to life.   This is a SYFY movie so it might not be for everyone, but we watch a lot so … Continue reading Killer High (2018)

Tasmanian Devils (2013)

Directed by Zach Lipovsky.  Written by Brook Durham.  Starring Danica McKellar, Mike Dopud, Kenneth Mitchell, Rekha Sharma and Apolo Ohno (for about a minute). Plot: a group of BASE jumpers enter forbidden territory in Australia and awaken a sleeping Tasmanian Devil. When the group of BASE jumpers go into the forbidden area, one of them … Continue reading Tasmanian Devils (2013)

Ghost Town (2009)

Directed by Todor Chapkanov (who was First Assistant Director of some terrible movies such as Lake Placid 2, Messengers 2 and Wrong Turn 3).  Written by Andy Briggs.  Stars Billy Drago. Plot: a group of students on their way back from a debate contest get stranded in a ghost town after their bus breaks down … Continue reading Ghost Town (2009)

Sand Sharks (2011)

Written by Joe Benkis. Directed by Mark Atkins Starring Corin Nemic and Brooke Hogan Not much good to sat about this movie besides at least Corin tried to deliver lines well but the script didn't help him. They said it wasn't a prehistoric shark in the movie but all the summaries we read said otherwise, … Continue reading Sand Sharks (2011)

The Sea Beast (2008)

Written by Paul Ziller and Neil Elman. Directed By Paul Ziller. Starring Corin Nemec and Miriam McDonald. Plot: After several deaths in a small fishing town, a fisherman and a marine biologist go searching for the sea beast that killed them. This is a SyFy movie so we didn't expect much, however we were pleasantly … Continue reading The Sea Beast (2008)