Bunks (2013)

Directed by Tibor Takacs.  Written by Tim Burns, Mike Kiss, Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis.  Starring Dylan Schmid, Nicholas Bode, Michael Levinson, Emilia McCarthy, Atticus Mitchell, Christian Potenza and Aidan Shipley. Plot: brother troublemakers, Dylan and Dane, go to summer camp and cause chaos, even threatening a zombie apocalypse. Originally a Disney XD film, this … Continue reading Bunks (2013)


Spiders (2013)

Directed by Tibor Takacs.  Written by Takacs, Joseph Farruggia and Dustin Warburton.  Starring Patrick Muldoon, Christa Campbell, William Hope, Christian Contreras and Sydney Sweeney. Plot: giant spiders take over Manhattan. I think the main problem with this movie is that people are going into it expecting something more than it is.  It's a giant spider … Continue reading Spiders (2013)