Perdidos (AKA Strayed) (2014)

Written and directed by Diego Cohen.  Starring Eduardo Montes, Roman Garcia, Daniela Steinhauer, Carlos Moreno Craviotto, Adrian Romero and Orlando Moguel.

Plot: footage recovered in 2012 reveals what happened to four film students who went missing while making a documentary in an abandoned building in Mexico.

Perdidos (2014 Mexico)_002

I want to put this out there right away.  So, spoilers ahead.

******SPOILERS AHEAD******



Lalo (Montes) takes Lucio (Romero), Daniela (Steinhauer) and Roman (Garcia) into this abandoned building that’s supposedly haunted.  They begin seeing these strange shadows right away, but they think it’s cool.  So, they keep going.  Roman’s not skeptical about ghosts at all.  As a matter of fact, he thinks he wants to provoke the spirits to get them to come out.  And it works.  The spirits come out and everyone dies.


For us, it was better than The Blair With, but that’s not saying much.  The acting was pleasurable and it was a bit unnerving in parts, but it was also quite boring.  There was only one death you really saw any parts of.  And the characters behavior was erratic at best.  They kept constantly changing their opinions on things.

We cannot recommend.

Our score: 28.

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