Howl (2015)

Directed by Paul Hyett. Written by Mark Heckerby and Nick Ostler. Starring Ed Speleers, Holly Weston, Shauna MacDonald, Elliot Cowan, Rosie Day, Calvin Dean, Sam Gittins, Amit Shah, Duncan Preston, Ania Marson and Sean Pertwee. Plot: an ambitious ticket collector, the girl of his dreams and several passangers become trapped in a train that is … Continue reading Howl (2015)

10 Movies That You Should NOT Watch This Holiday Season

ABANDONED MINE (2013) Alexa Vega stars in this joke of a movie that's about a prank that goes all wrong. You get the twist of the movie pretty easily. The motive is horrible. There's no innovation. And it didn't even follow it's own rules. The costume montage was ridiculous and the two boys were a … Continue reading 10 Movies That You Should NOT Watch This Holiday Season

The Crawling Hand (1963)

Directed by Herbert L. Strock. Written by Strock and Wm. Idelson. Starring Peter Breck, Kent Taylor, Rod Lauren, Alan Hale and Allison Hayes. Plot: a medical student, Paul (Lauren), finds the hand of a lost astronaut, sought by scientists, Steve (Breck) and Doc (Taylor). An astronaut sends a distress call to the ground crew saying … Continue reading The Crawling Hand (1963)

Spliced (2002)

Directed by Gavin Wilding. Written by Ellen Cook. Starring Liane Balaban, Drew Lachey and Ron Silver. Plot: a sleepwalker starts having nightmares about a horror movie villain. Spliced (AKA The Wisher) is all about Mary (Balaban) who loves horror movies, loves Brad (Lachey) and unfortunately sleepwalks. She sees a psychatrist at the the school, Dr. … Continue reading Spliced (2002)

Resurrection County (2008)

Directed by Mike Zetell. Written by James Cotten and Matt Yeager. Starring Adam Huss, Kathryn Michelle, Dayton Knoll, Cassie Self and Matt Yeager. Plot: a guy looking for some fun takes his wife, his preggo sister and her loser boyfriend on a camping trip in the backwoods. I am so tired of these backwood hick … Continue reading Resurrection County (2008)