Where the Others Are (2020)

Directed by Austin and Aaron Keeling.  Written by Melissa Hughes.  Starring Emily Goss and Daniel Van Thomas. Plot: a woman living in an RV with her abusive husband begins to suspect he's been replaced by an alien. Originally produced as a live immersive theatre experience for only two audience members at a time, Where the … Continue reading Where the Others Are (2020)

Death Screams (AKA House of Death) (1982)

Directed by David Nelson.  Written by Paul C. Elliott.  Starring Susan Kiger, Larry Sprinkle, Jennifer Chase, Andria Savio, David Lenthall and Mike Brown. Plot: young people are stalked and murdered by a maniac at a town fair. When a group of young people convene at the town fair, shit goes down.  And that's about all … Continue reading Death Screams (AKA House of Death) (1982)