Fade to Black (1980)

Written and directed by Vernon Zimmerman.  Starring Dennis Christopher, Linda Kerridge, Tim Thomerson, Mickey Rourke, Peter Horton and Gwynne Gilford.

Plot: a lonely film buff, Eric, goes on a killing spree after being spurned by a girl


Eric (Dennis Christopher, ten years before he was Eddie Kasprak), lives with his aunt who is a real bitch to him.  Feeling lonely, he makes a date with a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like who forgets about him because she’s with another guy.  When he goes home, his aunt starts in on him right away – again – and he pushes her and her wheelchair down the stairs.  Since it looks like an accident, he gets away with it.  Then, he gets the idea to do more.  So, he starts to dress up in costumes (Dracula, a mummy, a cowboy, etc.) and do away with the people who piss him off.

We liked the movie and we really liked Dennis Christopher in it, although after seeing him as Eddie Kasprak first, it was very hard to watch him masturbate.  Be warned.  It happens.  It’s original though and the costumes were cool.  There were no boob shots and there really should have been.  I mean, there’s a masturbation scene, but no boobs?  What is that about?

maxresdefault (2)

There’s only one thing we really HATED about the movie and it’s kind of a big deal.  The message was bullshit.  In effect, it suggests that the movies made him do it.  That horror movies, or violent movies in general, can cause someone to kill.  So, I guess any minute now we’re all going to go crazy.  That’s a bad message for a horror movie and for horror fans.  We still recommend it though.  Just don’t take the message to heart.

Our score: 48.

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