Pulse (2006)

Directed by Jim Sonzero.  Written by Wes Craven and Ray Wright.  Starring Kristen Bell, Ian Somerhalder, Samm Levine, Christina Milian, Jonathan Tucker, Rick Gonzalez, Ron Rifkin, Octavia Spencer and Brad Dourif.

Plot: a rash of suicides is linked to the internet.


Josh (Tucker) is attacked by a ghost like presence and begins to withdraw from the real world.  When his girlfriend Mattie (Bell) goes to see him, he tells her to wait in one room while he goes into another room and hangs himself.  A devastated Mattie is caught even more off guard when her and her friends begin receiving messages from Josh.  They assume they’re coming from his old computer which Dex (Somerhalder) now has.  In talking to Dex though, she finds out that Dex has found some weird videos on Josh’s computer.  Then, Mattie gets a package from Josh that he sent before he died.  It’s filled with red tape that he says “keeps them out”.  But who is them?

Mattie is bananas though.  Her character is completely uneven.  First, she just wants to know why, then she just wants to let it go, then she feels something is wrong, and so on and so on and so on.  I also didn’t like the lighting in the movie.  It was sort of like there was no sun where they lived.  I guess that was supposed to be scary, but it just looked dirty to me.


There were also no rules, a poor script and it was unrealistic.  The Freddy Claws was also very poor.  People were very uncooperative.  Good things about the film: the effects and the cast.  Both of those things were great.  However, we don’t recommend.  It was slightly less confusing than the original Pulse, but not by much.

Our score: 37.

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