Unfriended (2014)

Directed by Leo Gabriadze.  Written by Nelson Greaves.  Starring Heather Sossaman, Matthew Bohrer, Courtney Halverson, Shelley Hennig and Moses Storm.

Plot: a group of friends finds themselves haunted by something using their dead friend’s online chat account


So, Laura Barnes kills herself after someone anonymously posts a video of herself messy drunk.  People even commented to tell her to kill herself cause you know what assholes people can be.  Apparently, it was even one of her own friends that posted the video and after she’s dead, she comes back to find out which friend did it and she’ll kill all of them if she has to.  Because apparently Laura had some demons even before this (thinking molestation by her uncle).

We didn’t like anyone.  Let’s get that clear.  But that was good in a way because we had no problem watching them all die.  I mean, they were all such bitches.  The deaths were innovative and nasty, too.  We just would have made Laura more likable.  But the story was still good.

Good message of, “Don’t bully people or you’ll get yours.”  It was well acted.  We hated all those vapid bitches.  It was original.  It followed the rules it made.  The effects were nice.  And I loved the camera work, or lack thereof.  It was really unique and fresh.

We recommend.  A lot.  DJ’s score: 71.  My score: 78.

“We’re not ghetto!”

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