Gehenna: Where Death Lives (2016)

Directed by Hirati Katagiri.  Written by Katagiri, Nathan Long and Brad Palmer.  Starring Sean Sprawling, Katherine Taylor, Patrick Gorman, Simon Phillips, Doug Jones and Lance Henriksen.

Plot: developers looking to build on land in Saipan, stumble onto an evil force of legendary proportions


Five people go to see about this development.  There, they find this bunker which legend tells them not to go into, but they do anyway.  Cause that’s the movie.  Inside, they meet a creepy, entirely too skinny man who somehow knows all their names.  They also find some dead bodies, but soon the bodies and the creepy man disappear.  And by the time they start to freak, they are of course, stuck inside this bunker.

Doug Jones and Lance Henriksen were good as usual, but the movie sucked besides that.  It was very boring and not scary in the slightest.  Plus, even though we didn’t – and still don’t – understand the rules of the film, I ended up figuring out the ending within the first ten minutes of watching it.  Which sucked.  Because I like when things are a bit tougher to crack.  And this ending was just so pedestrian it made us sick.

We don’t recommend.  Not even to the most faithful of horror viewers.

Our score: 27.

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