Campfire Tales (1997)

The directors are Matt Cooper, Martin Kunert and David Semel.  The writers are Cooper, Kunert and Eric Jones.  Starring a wide variety of beautiful people including, but not limited to, Jacinda Barrett, Jay R. Ferguson, Ron Livingston, James Marsden, Chris Masterson, Devon Odessa, Glenn Quinn, Amy Smart and Christine Taylor.

Plot: 4 young people, stranded on the side of the road, decide to tell each other scary stories to pass the time

cf3Before I begin let me say, I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!  Urban Legends have always interested me to no end and this is one of the best urban legend movies I’ve ever seen.  Now that I’ve said that, I’m pretty sure that if you’re up on your legends like I am, none of these stories (not even the wraparound story) will come as a shock to you, but I’m insisting that it is still worth watching.

The young people at the campfire tell each other 4 stories altogether.  The first is called “The Hook” and if you don’t know what that’s about then you have never read any sort of urban legend in your entire life.  The second story is “The Honeymoon” where a couple traveling in a RV run into trouble while driving across the country.  It’s a pretty gory story and quite tragic, too.  Makes me sad.  The third story, and my least favorite, is “People Can Lick, Too.”  It’s scary, no doubt, but it also involves a dog and if you have been reading a bit of my other reviews you must have realized by now that when something bad happens to a dog, I am NOT amused.  That bit of knowledge may be a little spoiler, but I think fellow animal lovers should know what they’re in for.  You’re welcome!

The last story is called “The Locket” and it was the one story I hadn’t heard much about before watching it.  Glenn Quinn is traveling on motorcycle when he has some vehicular problems and ends up stranded at Jacinda Barrett’s house.  She’s beautiful and mute, but she is other things as well and it all leads to a really disturbing ending.  Then comes the wraparound ending that’s been done before, of course, but I love it anyway.

DJ hates when people are stupid and he finds most everyone in this movie stupid except for Amy Smart in “The Hook” and the little girl from “People Can Lick, Too”.  He did enjoy the movie though and gives it a 60/100.

I think the whole movie is creepy as hell and enjoy it so much that I recommend it to everyone who can stand blood and guts and “surprise” endings.  I will never watch this alone in the dark and need a blanket to cover my face with.  I love it, I want it, I give it an 87/100.  If you can find it, watch it!

“God, I hate having an imagination.”

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